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Our Work

Our Process

With years of business and thousands of concrete projects completed, there isn't much we haven't built. Our project experience ranges from industrial buildings and manufacturing facilities to mixed-use developments, multi-story structural concrete, large custom residential projects.

Design Team

We regularly help developers, general contractors, and architects with our extensive contacts in the design community. We can assemble a full design team or fill in the critical missing piece needed to ensure the success or your project with architects, structural engineers, civil engineers, or specialty designers for cast-in-place multi-story construction, tilt-up construction, or post-tension concrete.

Estimate / Contract

When you go to contract with Mills Concrete, you can rest assured that you have engaged the most qualified and competent contractor available for the best possible value. Mills Concrete is a true turn-key concrete contractor.

Working Team

Mills Concrete will provide a level of oversite, management, and supervision that is unmatched among our competitors. The team assembled for you will be tasked with operating as complementing parts, whose sole focus is bringing the project you have imagined to a rewarding completion.


Safety personnel, project managers, superintendents, and countless support staff will be focused on realizing a safely built, efficiently constructed, profitable project that comes in on schedule and in budget.

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